The Feel Better Center

A Place for Mental and Physical Wellness in the Heart of the Nation's Capital

Trouble sleeping, chronic pain, depressive thoughts? The uncertainty of 2020 put our beloved community on edge. We laughed less. We frowned more.

We suffered together while keeping our distance. Get help if you need help, we hear it all the time.  it’s still not enough? Come to Cure ReLeaf.

Cure ReLeaf is a one-of-a-kind Wellness Center dedicated to feeling better. This is more than just a retail store filled with research-based products hand-selected to ease all the ailments of stress. It’s also a yoga studio, a meditation center, and a place to sweat and decompress.

At Cure ReLeaf, you can walk in anytime and be greeted by a certified health and wellness advisor to consult about better health alternatives. A serene studio space is built for mindfulness and classes are available designed to lower your blood pressure and get you moving so you can walk out and feel more energized than ever.

Cure ReLeaf Yoga Studio

Instructors Who Inspire Make Health Happen

Cure ReLeaf Studio is thrilled to announce a partnership with two of the most beloved and sought-after instructors in the Washington DC area. Come back to class and make health happen with a wide array of classes designed to suit all your fitness needs.